Friday, June 19, 2009

Watch Me Eat!!

Watch me eat for the first time ever! I am trying a single-grain cereal. It was fun!

My First Cereal!!

What the @#^*%!?! I didn't know what to think with my first bite of cereal! I have been watching Mom and Dad eat for quite some time now. This morning I was chewing eat bite of Mom's cereal, so she decided it was my turn!

My friend's Wyatt, Jackson and I getting a sun tan! It was a little bright out!

Cousin Luke, Wyatt, Brady and Mom went and visited Baby Dylan

Cousin Luke & Brady

Mom took some more naked pics, I kinda liked it! (4.5 Months)

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Toys!!

My mom went craigslist shopping and I got some new toys! I really like the V-Tech scooter two pictures down! Play time is getting really fun and I can do more and more. I am rolling over from my back to my belly like crazy now! Joey is becoming a great tool to get me belly laughing!

I graduated from the baby bath center and am now using a little chair! I still love bath time!
My friends Jodie and Taylor came over to play, Taylor and I really like the fish tank.

Taylor and I were checking out the piano while Jodie watched. Jodie is due in early fall with her second . . .another girl! Yay! We are excited to have another girl after all those boys!

We stopped by my friend Jen, Jon and Parker's house on the way home from Great Grandpa and Grandma's. We got to play with Parker. Jen is expecting a girl this July, yay for another girl!

I finally got to see my Great Grandparents again! We hadn't seen them since I was 6 weeks old!
They were so excited to see Brady again! Hopefully, it won't be so long before we see them again. I think once I like the car better, it will be easier to travel. I cried for an hour straight on the way over. On the way home there was a little less crying but definitely a few stops to catch my breath!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can jump . . .and jump . . . and jump!!

I can jump! What a difference a week makes! Now he is jumping in his jumper like crazy! He loves it! He will jump for 30+ minutes at times and just goes crazy! Check him out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brady's 1st Thunder & Lightning Storm!

This is a video of Brady's first thunder & lightning storm! We stood on the deck, getting a little wet, and watched the storm. Brady loved it, kicking and squealing! Unfortunately, I filmed it sideways so you will have to tilt your head! :)


These are videos of Brady in his Jumperoo and his new talent of "making rasberries". He's been doing it all day long!!

Brady Is 4 Months Old!

Brady is 4 months old already!
Time is flying and Brady is growing like a weed! We had his 4 mo. check up with Dr. Cuddihy on Monday. He weighed in at a wopping 17.5 lbs and is 27 inches long! He is 98th percentile for his height, 93rd for his weight and is 80th for his head! He is trying so hard to roll over from his back to tummy. He can do it easily with a tiny bit of help. He is talking up a storm, laughing and making rasberries! He loves to sit up and "stand" with assistance. He likes helping Mom talk on the phone and type on the computer. Anything in his reach is now lunch! I can't complain about his little cat naps during the day, as he is mostly down to one feed at night. Eating around 8pm, he will sleep until 2:30ish, then gets up around 8am for the day! Lucky Mom! Cousin Luke & Brady

Luke is so anxious to start playing with Brady. Sometimes he can be a "little" rough! BOYS . . .BOYS . . .BOYS!!
Baby Dylan is 2 weeks, Luke 2 years and Brady 4 months!!