Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies . . . And More

Dad gave me my first chocolate chip cookie after dinner the other night. Mmmmm, it was so good! I was really full from dinner so I didn't eat much, but I really enjoyed making a mess!
Look what Daddy gave me!

This is my "stink-eye" face. I tend to do it when I'm being mischevious

Watching Grandpa Nelson work on the ditches out back, getting ready for water starting early April!

My Cousin Emma came down and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Hadfield. We have had a lot of fun playing together. These pics are from the park.

My latest challenge it to climb back UP the slide!

Hi Momma!

Grandma Kathy helping me and Cousin Emma race!

Whoa!! Sliding all by myself! Thankfully Mom put the camera down and caught me at the bottom!

I know this does something . . .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sun Is Out And There Is Work To Be Done . . .

Wow, Mom and Dad have sure put me to work since the weather's been nice! We are trying to tye up a few loose ends before Dad has surgery in two weeks! Today I was helping Mom rake up some leaves and twigs. I was concentrating really hard on getting it all!Indian war paint??? Nope, that's red rock folks. Just think what I would look like if I didn't have dark colors on. For some reason, I think it's fun to eat gravel army crawl across the driveway. Who knew rocks could be so much fun!! :)

This past weekend, I worked really hard, along with Daddy and Pappa, building a fence and gate across the front of the pool. Mom didn't catch it on camera, but I made sure to test out their work and prove that it was really baby proof . . . for now! Oh yes, and Joey helped too! These next few shots are the before/during shots.

Daddy using the saw

Putting the finishing touches on

The final project. The two side panels and gate is what we completed. We also placed gates at the top of both flights of stairs. I will have to first get out of the house, then go through two gates to get to the pool. Don't get me wrong, it could be done. Mom and Dad are going to buy a couple pool alarms too. SCARY!! Mommy is really not sure if it's worth it. . . however, we do have an irrigation ditch passing a few feet from our front door, and a huge irrigation pond across our driveway. The doors from the house are going to be bolted shut. . .and I'm never going to have any fun!

Enjoying the sun! Supervising the boys fixing the fence

Hmmmm, what to do, what to do!

Two weekends ago, I helped Daddy, Pappa and Grandpa Bruce fix our backyard fence. Everything we used was re-used. We used the same metal fencing/panels that were there, and used posts and rails that we found in other places on the farm. Mom and Dad didn't spend a penny on the fence! More toys for me!!!

If you look carefully, you will notice it was a family affair . . . Phoebe is in the back of Pappa's truck, and Joey looks like a fence post.

This shot was in the middle of tearing the fence down. Mom didn't think quick enough to get the real "before" pics. The fence used to be three rails across, now there's only one on top. You can see one panel of the old fencing in the next picture. It's the last wooden panel before the white fencing.

After pics

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Teeth And Counting . . .

Just a quick note to say I officially have 5 teeth now. I have my two bottom, two top, and my left eye tooth is poking through. I got over that trauma in-between two nasty colds. I've had a really croupy cough, snotty nose and fever the last few days. I'm forgetting what it's like to be healthy and not teething!

Pappy's Pizza And More . . .

Here's some pics from Pappy's Pizza to go along with the video below! We went with Mom's friends Amy and Jessica and their boys Wyatt and Jackson. We ate pizza and got to play on all the toys! I love that place! This is me walking through the jungle gym. If I could only get up the big step to the slides without help!

Jackson and I racing to the top!

I'm not so sure about this carousel! I didn't fall off though!

Couldn't be more excited about the ball pit! There was a lot more balls this time!

Chillin' in my favorite chair! I'm slowly learning to sit on my bottom in the chair, instead of standing up and rocking it violently!

Beach And Pappy's Videos . . .

This video is of me playing outside our beach house. I really enjoyed the rocks!! I kept picking them up and dropping them behind my head . . . only to find out later that my hood was catching all of them! :) Listen as I tell you all about it!

This was taken on my first trip to the beach. I loved the sand, but enjoyed the water more! I really wanted to go swimming, but Mom and Dad kept me away from the ocean! Maybe next time . . .

My Mommy took me to Pappy's Pizza again, this time for lunch with my friends Wyatt and Jackson. We played on the jungle gym, went down the slides and played in the ball pit. This time we got to ride the carousel, I held on tight and didn't know what to think!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My First Beach Trip!

Mommy and Daddy finally took me on my first trip to the beach! We had so much fun! We stayed at house on the bay at Waldport. We went to the Newport Aquarium on day, and spent some great time on the beach. I couldn't stay away from the water. The house we stayed at was awesome, Alsea bay was literally off the back porch, and around the bay was the ocean! We even got to go clamming a couple of times behind our house! The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a much needed mini-vacay! The seals downtown Waldport

Starfish at the aquarium

Dad and Me checking out the "Petting Zoo" at the aquarium

Those things are squishy!

Play area

Family photo op

We got swallowed whole!

Strollin' through the aquarium

Watching the seals

Mommy look . . .

I'm one stylin' dude!

Helping Dad clean the clams we dug

Watching Daddy on my first clamming trip

My first beach experience

Heading straight for the water!

Beach Mobile

Backyard of the house we stayed in, backing Alsea Bay in Waldport

Mmmmm, Rocks! I kept picking them up and dropping them over my head - filling my hood up!