Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wow, are you ready for this?? Mom has taken so many pictures, I don't think they will all fit. She's gonna try though!! I have had so much fun the last few weeks. We've been to all sorts of Christmas parties and gatherings . . . played with friends and family!! Here's some pics to help with the storyline!! By the way, I will be 11 months on New Years Eve! I don't think I can stay up until midnight to celebrate though! :) Better luck next year! Me and my Brother Joey - Finally, some new toys that I'm not afraid of!
So much fun!
Christmas Day
Trying to get four kids to look at the camera . . . priceless
Cousins: Clayton (15mo) Emma (2 1/2) Me, and Matilda (6 yrs) at the Hadfield's
Chillin' after a long day of presents!
Time to work off some of those cookies! Clayton's winning by a hair . . .
Devouring Santa's leftovers . . . yes, I was the first one to indulge!
Joey helped with the wrapping paper!!
Mmmmm, candy!!
Grandma & Grandpa Nelson with Me & Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve
Me and Grandma & Grandpa Nelson
Christmas Card!
And that's how the whole day went folks!! Those presents are just SCARY!!
First present . . . before the flood gates opened! I was fine until it made noise & started moving!
Santa in training
Wow, look at all those presents!
Hangin' with Dad & Joey
My favorite time of day! Mom's got to be creative to get those naked pictures nowadays!
Cousin Clayton and I . . . I don't think there was any water left by the time we were done!
Old Mill Santa
If you look closely, my nose is red and we were lucky to snap this photo between the crying!
I have to taste all the presents to see if they are any good!
Me and my friend Wyatt exchanging gifts!!
Me and Cousin Clayton
And they were worried about the older cousin taking control!!
Wyatt, Me and Jackson at an Ugly Sweater Christmas party - Wyatt needs a toy for his mouth too!
Grandma & Grandpa Nelson's Christmas card photo!!
Nice shoes dude!
Just in case you were wondering, it got down to -13.5 at our house . . . it was a cold couple of weeks at the beginning of December! We had to bundle up and haven't been able to go out much!
My walker - the stools scoot really well!
Gettin' ready for Christmas!!
Dog food anyone??

Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Months And Counting . . . .Too Fast!

Holy Cow!! I'm over 10 months now! Mom is horrible at posting updates these days, but we finally had some time after the big Christmas Party for her work!! Boy, has time flown by! We had a wonderful Thankgiving! We went over to My Great Grandpa and Grandma's and had dinner with my Aunt & Uncle, and all my cousins! Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bruce were there also! The next day, we did a little shopping, and had turkey dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's here in town. We also got our tree early this year, in preparation for Mom's work party. I really liked the snow. I ate a little bit, but it was really cold! We also have had a few visits from friends. I am really starting to play with other kids a lot, I like to crawl after and try to get them. My latest tricks include:
  • pointing at everything and talking
  • getting off and on my bike by myself
  • standing by myself for 20+ seconds
  • walking while holding onto Mom's finger
  • walking when I push my toys
  • playing peek-a-boo with my hand over my eyes
  • waving
  • eating lots of finger foods (except my veggies - yuck)
Me & Mom with all my presents
(not really, they were the white elephant gifts from the Christmas party)
Santa Clause is coming to town!
And Rudolf is leading the sleigh tonight!
Or maybe Joey is . . .
Joey was a little shy when I let him borrow my antlers
Me and My Mommy & Daddy
Us with My Grandma Kathy & Grandpa Bruce on Thanksgiving
My friends Parker and Kaylee

Me and Mommy with Auntie Kim
Me and Great Grandpa Nelson on Thanksgiving
Me and Great Grandma Nelson on Thanksgiving
When are my clothes going to be done?
Michelin Man
Xmas Tree Hunting
Big Boy!
Bustin' A Move!
Jodie and my new little friend Paige!
Dare Devil!