Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was eating breakfast this morning and just happened to look up and see a bandit looking at me! He was definitely smiling with his eyes! I couldn't help but laugh! The next picture was taken after I pulled the cloth off. He's so entertaining!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!! It was so warm! Brady got to enjoy the sun as well! We went for a few walks, and he helped pull weeds today. He sat in his bumbo making cute faces and noises, keeping Mom & Dad well entertained while they worked! Yesterday we all went shopping and out to lunch. Brady did so well! I hate to jinx it, but Brady has taken 1.5-2.5 hour naps 5 out of the last 6 days and he has been sleeping about 8 hours the first stretch at night! He is growing up so fast! Pulling weeds

Hang Time


Dad & Me

Mom & Me

Cousin Dylan is 4 days old!

New little cousin Dylan is doing so well!! He had lost 10% in weight, but is doing much better now. He is such a good baby, he mostly sleeps and squeaks every once in a while!

Birdie pose!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome Cousin Dylan!!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Brady's new cousin Dylan Ryan Holmes! He was born at 8:08 am this morning via c-section after Meg spent a month in the hospital with placenta previa! Dylan was 3 weeks early but weighed in at 7lbs 3 oz and was 20.5 inches long! Brady was very excited to meet him! Mom, Dad & Baby are doing great!

The boys!

He was totally sacked under the heat lamp. The nurse told us that only 5%of babies actually like to stretch out instead of being bundled! So cute!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've found my tounge!!

I found my tounge last week! I am always sticking it out, it's really fun to play with! It took Mom a few days to finally get some pictures of it! It moves back in pretty fast! I've also really started to laugh a lot . . . any bets to see how long it will be before we can get it on video?? :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brady Squealing And Talking

Brady has been squealing and talking up a storm this last week! He is turning into a big boy so fast!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just over 3 months!

Brady is just over 3 months old and I finally took the time to shoot some more portrait photos! I haven't had any done since he was 3 weeks old and am kinda ashamed! I shot these with my little point and shoot camera. Here are some of my favorites!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rolling Over Video and Puppies!

Big Brother Joey likes to watch me play!


Auntie Meghan & Uncle Richie had 10 baby puppies. They are over 3 weeks old already! They are getting really big!

Brady, Mom & Puppy

I feel for you mamma . . .and I only have one baby!

Brady has been sitting up in his high chair (with a little help). He likes to watch Mom in the kitchen. He also will sit in front of the fish tank for quite a while and let's out some squeals!

Talk about chubs!

Auntie Meghan's 25th Birthday Party

We celebrated Auntie Meghan's Birthday at the hospital with her. She is still pregnant and on bedrest! She is over 35 weeks now, and is trying to make it until the 21st of May! We took her dinner and desert! Hopefully it made her day a little brighter! I grab anything I can get my hands on!

Mom, Dad & Brady

Auntie Meghan & Cousin Luke (and baby too be!)

Uncle Richie, Aunt Meghan & Cousin Luke

3 Months Old & Counting!

I can't believe how time flies! Brady is over 3 months old already! He is doing more and more everyday! He holds his head up really well, and now is starting to roll over when he's doing tummy time! He also has grabbed onto his toys on the play mat and pulled himself from his back to his tummy! He has started in with this high pitched squeal the last few days. He also has been starting to belly laugh which is so cute! I started back to work last week. It's going as well as can be expected! It sure makes me miss the little guy though! Dad's been doing great with "daddy duty" while I'm at work which has been wonderful! I am weighing in at 15.8 lbs by Mom's scale! We have our next appointment on June 1st, at 4 months! Yumm . . . everything is going in my mouth now! I'm also drooling like a champ!

Tummy time with papa!

I'm really trying to sit up, it's easier with some help though!

My favorite game is bicycle kick!

I love naked time in the evenings!

Mr. Cow is so good! He's my new favorite toy!