Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pool and Play!

A couple weeks ago my Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dan, along with my cousins: Tilly, Emma & Clayton came to play with me! We did some good pool time and played with lots of toys. Clayton in 9 months and I weigh more than him! It is a race you know! I can sit up now, pillows behind me are a smart thing though as I am a little tippy!
Brady & Clayton
Left to right: Clayton, Emma, Brady, Tilly

Clayton, Uncle Dan & Brady
Mom, Brady, Dad & Joey
Dad & Joey
Mommy & Me
Emma & Natalie, Mom & Brady, Grandma & Clayton
Matilda "Tilly" & Natalie, Mom & Brady, Dan & Emma

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Horses, Swings and Wagons . . .Oh My!

I usually put Brady in the bouncer or portable swing while I take a shower and get ready in the mornings. Lately, he has learned to grab onto the bar of the swing and pull himself forward. Thank goodness for buckles!My friends and I have been getting together in the mornings to go jogging. Brady does great and really enjoys it! He is a good training partner: when he gets tired, mom has to move faster to get him to go to sleep! :)

Grandma and Luke came over to say hi to Brady. He convinced Grandma to let him try!

Outside-In Play Place:
I took Brady to this indoor play-place with Friends Amy & Wyatt. He is really enjoying sitting and playing with toys. Wyatt thought it was fun too!


Amy & Wyatt with Brady
Grandma & Brady
Cousin Dylan & Luke with Brady
Dylan had his 8 week check-up this week, weighing in at over 14 lbs!
Strollin' around the farm!

Camo Dude!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Laughing Caught On Tape!!!!

Finally!!! Mom caught me laughing on tape! It's been a LONG time coming!! It's hard to make me laugh, but it's definitely getting easier! Mom and Dad were showing me what a boat sounds like tonight while I was in the bath. Needless to say, I thought it was really funny!! I got to share some of my laughes over the phone with both Grandpa's and Grandma's!

And I Was Swingin' . . . . .

My Mom and I have been doing some jogging in the mornings with our friends Amy & Jessica. Afterwards we get to play at the park. I really enjoy the swing!

Mommy & Me


Happy 4th of July!!
I welcomed my first 4th of July with kicks and grins! I got to go to the Redmond parade with my friends and mommy! I cried when the police motorcycles went by, as they were doing cookies with their lights on and blasting us with their sirens! Other than that, I played for a little while in the grass, and took a nap through most of it! It was in the 90's and it was so hot! As for the rest of the day, I helped Mom and Dad unpack and organize some things at Grandpa & Grandma Hadfield's new house. They they came over for a delicious bbq dinner: hot dogs, beans and potatoe salad! What else do you eat on the 4th of July?? Little Firecracker. . .

My friend Jackson likes his toes too! :)

Brady & Jackson
(Brady 5 mo. / Jackson 3 mo.)

Amy & Wyatt, Mommy & Me, Jessica & Jackson

Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Months Old!!

On the 30th of June, I turned 5 Months Old!! I am growing and changing so fast! I am newly fascinated with my toes, grabbing them whenever I get the chance. Soon they will make it to my mouth and I will really be excited! Mom thinks I weigh about 20 lbs. I am getting longer and am growing out of some of my 9 month clothes already! I'm talking up a storm more than ever, laughing more and playing with all sorts of toys. Mom and I started running in the mornings since it's been so nice! I really like being outside! I even got to hit the pool as the weather was in the 90's! My friends came and played too!

As always, Dad is a favorite toy!

Mommy and Me chillin' in the pool!

Mommy and Me, Amy & Wyatt, Ann Marie & Nora
Jessica & Jackson were there also, but someone had to take the picture! :)

Hang time!

Ooops, It's Been A While!

I am not good at keeping this blog updated! It was the 19th of May that I last posted! I have been taking pictures though, that's the important thing! I'll get a bunch uploaded over the next day or so! Brady is still learning to eat cereal. I hadn't been very consistent, but now am giving it to him every night. I need to give it to him in the morning also, it's just been harder to do as we are up and running in the am! He sure is cute though, and he's doing great. Dad however, is adjusting to the "new" poopy diapers and trying not to gag!

To cute to resist!

Ridin' Grandma's horsey!

Grandma and Grandpa Hadfield came over the end of May. They are in the process of moving to Redmond, it will be great to get to play more!

Daddy Time!

Grandpa Bruce, Daddy and Me