Tuesday, April 28, 2009

12 Weeks Old!

I am 12 weeks old now! I am growing and changing everyday! I am weighing in at about 15 1/2 pounds per mom's scale! Mom has to start back to work tomorrow! We both are not looking forward to it! I know I will be in good hands with my friend Heather and my Daddy!I have a new little bath toy, my purple octopus!
Check out my chubs!
Cousin Luke helps me play with my mat!
He also likes to hold my any time he can! It won't be long and I will be able to play!
My Aunt Meghan was admitted to the hospital last week at 33 weeks pregnant. She has placenta previa and they are trying to prevent the baby from coming early. She will be in the hospital until she delivers. Mom and I have been hanging out with cousin Luke (Grandma is watching him and staying with him) and visiting Auntie every day. We wish her and our new little cousin the best!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Check out my new tricks!

Mom uses the stroller, bumpy driveway and canal roads to put me to sleep! I took two 1.5hr naps today, one of which was in my crib . . . a first for me (usually I only take 20-30 mins).
Tummy Time!

I'm learning new tricks! I like to sit up now!

And hold onto my toys!

And Dad's nose . . .

And my burp rags!

They taste good too!

My First Easter!

We went downtown Redmond for the first annual downtown easter-egg hunt! We went with Grandma Nelson, Uncle Richie, Aunt Meghan and Cousin Luke! We met our friends the Nickells, Lindbo's and Meyers there! I looked adorable of course!Easter Basket
Grandma Nelson

Uncle Richie, Aunt Meghan & Cousin Luke

Mom, Brady & the Easter Bunny!

My First "Real" Hike!

My friends Shae & Dottie, and my Mom, Joey & I went on our first real hike along the river at Smith Rocks. It was a beautiful day . . a little windy though. I slept most of the way! My Grandmother's brother's wife made this for Brady! It's so cute! Thanks Nancy!

Cowboy Up!!

My friend Wyatt had his first birthday party on April 4th! It was a cowboy theme and we had a blast! Thanks Wyatt!
The fam!

Howdy partners!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Months Old!!

Two months already!! We can't believe how time flies! Brady is growing like a weed, smiling and interacting so much more! Not to mention, the sleeping is getting better for the most part! We had our two month check-up yesterday, Brady weighs 13 lbs 15 oz. and is 23 7/8 in. long! I have been sticking to the no dairy diet, and Brady seems to be doing better. He's sleeping about 5-6 hrs the first time around, usually getting up only twice in the night! We are having some early mornings though, he likes to be up around 6! Yesterday we got our first round of shots and were up quite a bit more last night. Hopefully mom can get some more rest tonight! We also saw my old boss Mel yesterday, she looks fantastic and Brady was so excited to meet her! She got the most adorable outfits from Old Navy, they are in the wash so we can wear them tomorrow!

Capturing those smiles!! :)
Protective big brother!