Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Things . . . .

Just a quick update about my latest tricks! This last week has been crazy for firsts . . . I'm on a role now! :) I started saying "Hi" and "Hot." I also say the word "Moo" instead of just the sound. I am pointing to animals in books and my belly when asked. I can count to three: ooh, ooh, weeeeee! And E-I-E-I-O: eee, eee,eee, eee, Ohhhhh! Oh yes, and I've mastered the slide . . . head first!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toilet Mess

Mommy was talking on the phone the other day and I took it as the perfect opportunity!! Mom found me digging in the toilet (recently cleaned) and playing with the toilet paper. It was short lived but fun while it lasted. Needless to day, it ended in a bath from head to toe! And I couldn't leave my favorite shopping cart out!

My Grandma Nelson had a video of my Uncle Dan doing damage in the bathroom with the tp also.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Grandma Kathy and Daddy took me to the pediatricians on Wednesday. I had a few bad sleepless nights, one of which included 3 1/2 hours of straight screaming! Mommy had been worried about my ears so they took me in. Dr. Cuddihy said my ears were fine, but I have some conjunctivitis in my left eye. He gave me some eye drops and so far I've been taking them like a champ! I did get my weight checked and I weighed in at a wopping 26.4 lbs!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yoplait Star?

I am learning to feed myself and it's SO much fun!! Mom thinks that I should submit the following for a Yoplait add. I'm sure people would want to dig in after they see how yummy Yoplait Yogurt is!

And here's my TV spot - Brady Hadfield starring in: "Get Your Yoplait On!"

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had so much fun this year on Easter! Although it was my 2nd one, it was my first year being able to hung for eggs! I really enjoyed digging around in my Easter basket. I was surprised a few times by the same basket several days in a row! My favorite toys were the carrots! Mommy and Daddy ate most of my candy, but I did sneak a bite or two of chocolate!

Mom and Grandma Kathy took me to do the Easter Egg Hunt and Powell Butte Elementary School. There were a ton of eggs, and despite the big kids, I was able to get 10!

Getting ready for the hunt!

Wow! That's a big one!

What a collection!

Maybe next year, it won't snow Easter weekend! Sure was pretty though!

Friday, April 9, 2010

14 Months

Mom didn't get my 14 Month post up! We've been really busy. I turned 14 Months at the end of March. Then we celebrated Easter . . .(pics to come) and my Daddy had hip surgery on the 5th of April. He's doing really well, but he doesn't get to play with me like he used too. And he's walking around with these funny crutches. . .it is entertaining though! I just want him to heal well, then we can play and he won't be in pain anymore! He's going to be on those crutch things for 6 weeks! It will all be worth it though! As for turning 14 Months, I am doing a few new things. I am "Moo-ing" at the cows, and have 5 teeth now. I am enjoying learning how to feed myself with a fork and spoon. I also am quite the dare devil - standing on my toys, the coffee table, the top of the bathtub stairs - all with no hands! Oh yes, and I can RUN! Trick Riding

Feeding the cows with Papa and Mama

I can take the key out, but I can't get it back in or started . . . YET

Yep, feeding the cows all by myself! :)

I helped Mom and Dad get new bark and then Dad did some landscaping with big rocks and juniper branches. Notice the HHH on the barn? Total coincidence that the house we are renting's previous owners had a last name that started with H also!

Front flower bed. Now is just needs to get warmer so Mommy and Me can plant flowers!
This is a video of me at the park. It sounds like I'm at the coast with all the wind, but it's the park across from Grandma & Grandpa Hadfields.