Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Last Night At My Cousins! :(

Well, last Tuesday was the last night at my Cousing Luke & Dylan's house. They are moving to Texas, so we got together to have pizza (Mom and I had a dairy-free dinner though) and hang out one last time before they leave! My Uncle Richie and Grandpa Ron left Wednesday afternoon with the u-hauls. They are have a very long drive ahead of them! Auntie Meg, Cousin Luke & Dylan are going to stay with us until next Monday so we can get some last minute play time in! Mom and I already have a trip planned over Halloween to go visit! Cousin Luke, Me, Grandma & Dylan

Faster, Faster!!!!

Yes, Cousin Luke is naked. It's the latest obsession!

Careful, I'm not a toy!

Sitting so good on my own!

I Love My Cousin!

This is me and my cousin Dylan. We had a great time in Vegas!! I couldn't keep my hands off him! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

Is it sad that my first vacation was to Vegas?? Grandpa and Grandma booked a two bedroom condo and invited us along for the ride! Mom and Dad couldn't say no! Don't worry, this is the closest I got to actually pulling a handle as security was quick to kick me out. They knew I was trouble! The Fam at South Point Casino

Vegas Baby!

So I didn't do a lot of gambling, but I did a lot of playing!

I loved the buffets!

Me and my cousin Dylan could have been twins! I am 4 months older than he is! Cousin Luke stayed home with Uncle Richie so I got some quality time in with my new cous! We had fun and fed off eachothers meltdowns!
Sitting up all by myself, I can really get down on the piano!

All the expensive toys and I liked my stroller tag from the airport the best!

Auntie Meg and I! They are all moving to Texas the end of this week.
We are REALLY, REALLY sad!!
Grandpa's Lil' Fishish Buddy
We spent a lot of time in Bass Pro Shops at the Silverton Hotel & Casino

Snuggle Saurus - Cousin Dylan

We had a lot of fun in the kiddie pool at the Worldmark Resort we stayed at. We took our bedtime baths in them every night! I liked being able to reach the bottom and splash! We swam with Auntie Meg, Cousin Dylan and Grandma!

Mom and I petting the sting ray at the Silverton. They have a 20,000 gallon fish tank, I spent a lot of time checking out all the fish! I can't wait to learn how to scuba dive!

Wow - look at all those fish!

Traveling through the airport in style!

Me and my Daddy on my first ever plane ride! I did great on the way down, but was rather fussy the entire trip back. It's hard to sit in one spot for so long Mom!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm 6 Months Old!

Boy oh boy, does time fly by! I am over 6 months now, and changing so fast! I had my check-up with Dr. Cuddihy last week. I weighed in at a whopping 19.25 lbs and measured 28 inches long. I am slowing down believe it or not, as I went from the 95th percentile to 75th for weight. I personally think it's all the jumping I like to do! I am however, still 2 inches longer than the average 6 month old!

At 6 months I:

  • Can sit up all by myself
  • Am learing to drink from a sippy cup
  • Like drinking from Mom's cup
  • Enjoy standing with assistance
  • Like riding on Dad's shoulders
  • Love swimming in the pool
  • Am still only rolling from my back to my tummy, and cry when I get stuck
  • Am eating oatmeal, bananas, peas, pears, applesauce, sweet potatoes, prunes & rice cereal - every 3 days I get to try something new!
  • Am still taking 2-3 naps per day, with bedtime at 8:30ish and waking around 8am
My new sippy cup, I really like to chew on it!
Playing on Mom & Dad's bed

Food, food, and more food! I love it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Mema

The pictures from this posting are a little late, but very very important so we wanted to share. We got to go see Mom's boss from work, Auntie Mel or "Mema." She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few year back and had been fighting it hard. She was absolutely in love with me. In fact, she wanted to watch me on Wednesdays while Mom worked. Then she discovered that the cancer had spread to her brain and wasn't able to watch me. Sadly, she lost her 3 year battle with cancer yesterday morning, the 9th of August. These pictures are from the 27th of July when we were able to go visit her. She sure lit up when she saw us babies! We love you Mema and we will miss you dearly! You have forever touched our lives! God Bless You! Me with my glow worm
My girlfriend Nora and I got to play after we visited Mema

Mom and Me at Mema's

Mom and Me, Nora & Ann Marie visiting Mema

Mema, Nora & Ann Marie, Mommy and Me

My Mema, Mommy and Me

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Weekend! July 19th

We celebrated my cousin Luke's and my Mommies birthday at one big bday bash on July 19th. Luke turned the big "2" and Mom is 28! Yikes! We had a great pool party and bbq. The weather was great!Big brother Joey enjoying the party!
Grandma, Me, Cousin Dylan, and Grandpa Nelson

Grandma Nelson, Me & Cousin Dylan

I like Beer!
Cousin Luke and his birthday cake!

Mommy & Me
Cousin Luke & Uncle Dan
Mom, Dad and I went to Dallas, OR the day before the Bday parties to celebrate Dad's 10 year highschool reunion. I got to play on the swings which was nice! I did a little better in the car ride too!
Kickin' It
Daddy & Me