Saturday, September 25, 2010

Camp Sherman

This summer we went for a day trip to Camp Sherman with the Hadfield's. It was absolutely beautiful!Hiking into the Metolius Head

So close to getting all 3! cousin Clayton is to the left, I'm in the middle and cousin Emma is on the right!

Look! It's a sturgeon!

Can you find the chipmunk? They came right up to me and ate peanutes!

Feeding the fish! I could have stayed there all day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jefferson & Deschutes County Fair 2010

Mommy and I went to both the Jefferson County Fair and the Deschutes County Fair this year! I really enjoyed all the animals! Mommy and Daddy also took me to the rodeo, and I stayed until 10pm and had a blast! I did however, cry every time the dog came out to heard the bull back to the pen. I thought he was trying to hurt them! Petting Zoo!

We are missing one, but we had quite the stroller gang at the fair!

Daddy and Me checking out the chickens!

The fam at the rodeo!

Wow! The parade is starting!

My friend Seth teaching me how to put out a fire!

The water trough to put out the fires!

Cousins Clayton & Emma and I getting the water in our buckets

I love you sheep!

Cousin Dylan and I checking out the sheep

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Time Fun!

Mommy's still trying to catch up on her posts!! Here's some more pics from this summer!Grandma & I petting Kit Kat

I'm not so sure about this thing!

Centennial Park

Auntie Meghan, Cousin Dylan & I at the splash park! Can you tell us apart?

Mamma Look!

Where did it go? And yes, I did get soaked when it came back on!

There it is!!

Celebrating Mom's Birthday

While my Aunt Meghan and Cousins Luke & Dylan were in town we celebrated Mommy and Luke's birthdays!Yummm!

Want some?

I'm gonna get it!


Camping At Cresent Lake

Way back in July, we went camping at Cresent Lake. We went with Grandpa & Grandma Nelson and Auntie Meg, Cousin Luke & Dylan. We stayed 3 nights. I didn't like sleeping in the tent trailer and woke up every night at 1am screaming for what seemed like forever. I'm sure the other people in the camp really appreciated me! Pappa took his boat and I got to go fishing for the first time and help Pappa drive the boat!Captain Brady
Helping Pappa drive the boat

Me and Grandma

Our view at Cresent Lake

Mommy and Me catching some z's and some rays!

Cresent Lake has awesome sandy beaches! We played alot!

Daddy trying to catch some squirrels. We caught 2 or 3!

Me, Cousin Luke and Luke's Cousin Joseline letting the squirrel go after Daddy caught it.

*No squirrels were injured during these photos!

Frisbee Golf

Some friends came and visited us from Salt Lake and introduced us to frisbee golf! We went and played at the course by the Sisters High School and had a blast! I even scored some points! Who needs a golf cart?



Back in July we took a day trip to Wickiup with Grandpa and Grandma. We met up with some friends from Cottage Grove that were camping there. I got to play with their son Maylon who is a little older than me. We had so much fun!
Playing at the lake


Dirt, Dirt & More Dirt!

Eating lunch with Maylon

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zoo Time!!

Mommy took me to the zoo for the first time!! We went and stayed with my cousins Luke & Dylan in Gresham for a few nights and had a blast! Mommy even bought a year membership so we can go everytime we visit family! Me and Mommy playing at the zoo!

I'm not conviced that T-Rex isn't real. I kept an eye on it at all times!

I kept an eye on Triceretops also!

And I know for sure that Elephant was real, he blew his trunk and it scared me!

Me and Cousin Ben checking out the Bob Cat


Checking out the Zebras!

Cousin Dylan and I

Cousin Luke is feeding a Lorakeet a sweet treat!