Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Pics From The Holmes's Visit . . .

Mom finally had the time to get the rest of the pics posted from when my Auntie Meghan and Cousins Luke & Dylan!
Daddy, Mommy and Me at Pappy's Pizza! I kept crawling from the table all the way to the toys, I didn't want to stop playing! I was chasing Cousin Luke up the "stairs" and through the play structure - Mom had to help me down the slide though!

Ball Pits Rock!

Me and Mom went down the slide 100 times! When we got to the bottom, I would try to crawl back up, but it didn't work very well with socks on! :)

Here's the "stairs," I climbed all by myself!

Cousin Luke & Grandpa!

One day, we went to Bouncing Off The Walls. It was such a blast! I was walkin' all over the place and had a blast bouncing! Cousin Luke & Grandma had fun too!
Me and Grandpa checking out the race track!

Gettin' Grandma inside one of the bouncy houses!

Higher, higher!

Practicing my walkin' skills

Cousin Dylan and I soakin' up some bath time! Everything must go in the mouth!

Mommy needs a bigger tub and a new mop!

This one is of me when I really started walking more than a few steps; at the Bouncy House. There was so much to look at, I just kept going and going and going! (p.s. I can walk much better now!)

Here I'm taking off at Pappy's Pizza - climbing up the "stairs" and off to the slide I go! Give me a little more time and I'll be unstoppable!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

12 Month Check-Up

I had my 12 mo. check-up with Dr. Cuddihy last Monday, 1 day after my birthday. I'm weighing in at 23 lbs (down a little from being sick the last week) and am 31 in. long. I'm down from 60th percentile to 50th for weight and from 95th to 80th for height. I had been sick all last week with a fever of 103. Mom took me in last week and the doc. said I was ok. Then on Monday, the doc found a blister of bacteria on my left eardrum. I am on amoxicillan and I feel so much better now! Yay! I am actually laughing and playing with my toys now, and Mom is starting to get her sanity back (and sleep). Just wanted to give you a quick update!