Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camping At Cresent Lake

Way back in July, we went camping at Cresent Lake. We went with Grandpa & Grandma Nelson and Auntie Meg, Cousin Luke & Dylan. We stayed 3 nights. I didn't like sleeping in the tent trailer and woke up every night at 1am screaming for what seemed like forever. I'm sure the other people in the camp really appreciated me! Pappa took his boat and I got to go fishing for the first time and help Pappa drive the boat!Captain Brady
Helping Pappa drive the boat

Me and Grandma

Our view at Cresent Lake

Mommy and Me catching some z's and some rays!

Cresent Lake has awesome sandy beaches! We played alot!

Daddy trying to catch some squirrels. We caught 2 or 3!

Me, Cousin Luke and Luke's Cousin Joseline letting the squirrel go after Daddy caught it.

*No squirrels were injured during these photos!

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