Monday, September 20, 2010

Jefferson & Deschutes County Fair 2010

Mommy and I went to both the Jefferson County Fair and the Deschutes County Fair this year! I really enjoyed all the animals! Mommy and Daddy also took me to the rodeo, and I stayed until 10pm and had a blast! I did however, cry every time the dog came out to heard the bull back to the pen. I thought he was trying to hurt them! Petting Zoo!

We are missing one, but we had quite the stroller gang at the fair!

Daddy and Me checking out the chickens!

The fam at the rodeo!

Wow! The parade is starting!

My friend Seth teaching me how to put out a fire!

The water trough to put out the fires!

Cousins Clayton & Emma and I getting the water in our buckets

I love you sheep!

Cousin Dylan and I checking out the sheep

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